Actor Hack Podcast

The Business of Being an Artist


January 2017

39: A Mark a Yen a (Hack) or a Pound

That clinking, clanking sound, which makes the world go round! A special new year edition in which Caralie and Daniel discuss the financial realities of performing in NYC. They cover union-mandated minimums for performers, personal money advice, current rents, and #fairwageonstage.


38: Changing Seasons on the Road (Matt)

We chat with working actor and dad Matt Bailey! He hails from Palo Alto, CA and chats with us about his first survival job as a stage door guard at Studio 54, to understudying, to working on the Jersey Boys tour for 3+ years, to recurring on Hulu’s The Path! We talk getting better at auditions, how to walk onto your first tv set, taking classes with Bob Krakower, and performing Batboy in a barn! 

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