31: Finding Your Folks with (Rachel!)

Actor Rachel Casparian opens up about body image, mental health, and how she found her NYC network of artists. She’s Co-Creative Director of Naked Angels’s Tuesdays @ 9 and Co-Artistic Director of Core Artist Ensemble. She addresses how she initially approached the industry and what she would have done differently. Rachel gives practical advice on finding your footing and advancing a theater company as well as your career. We also chat living in Italy, plays about podcasts, and social consciousness in Ohio!


Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:

Rachel Casparian /
Antioch College /
Alice Liddell /
Sesame Street /
Cosby Show /
Drama Book Shop /
Backstage /
Bunion.com /
The Barrow Group /
Core Artists Ensemble /
Naked Angels /
Airbnb.com /
EST First Brew /
Shelter Theater /
Shakespeare Forum


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