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August 2016

28: Fascinatin’ Castin’ with (Lauren)

We chat with Casting Director: Lauren Port! Lauren hails from Chicago and chats her journey from college actress to realizing immediately she needed more stability. She walks us through the casting process step by step in various mediums (from commercial Broadway to network TV) and gives invaluable advice on how to not be gross when networking! She also clues us into common actor mistakes in the auditioning room- a must listen y’all!


/ Syracuse University
/ Victory Gardens Theater
/ Tara Rubin
/ Cindy Tolan
/ Blue Valentine
/ Caparelliotis Casting
/ The Old Globe
/ Actors Equity
/ Breakdown Express
/ How To Get Away With Murder
/ Linda Lowy
/ Holler If You Hear Me
/ One on One
/ Actors Connection
/ Engagements
/ Second Stage
/ The Layover
/ The Front Page
/ Les Liaison Dangereuses
/ Caught
/ La Mama
/ The Next Step


27. Where There’s a (Will), There’s a Way

You may know Will Cooper as the pilgrim in a recent Subway campaign! He chats with us about moving to New York and starting from scratch as an actor. We break down what it is to audition for a commercial and how it differs from legit. We talk about “pay to meet” manager and casting director workshops, slingin’ drinks at Starbucks, improv, and his ultimate success as a Commercial actor. 


Here are some resources in this episode:

Mississippi State University
Actors Access
Shetler Studios
One on One
Standup Showcase
Stella Adler
Gypsy Housing
Girl Boss

And you know we love Sweet Soubrette.

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