22: The (Nat)ural Highs & Lows

Nat Cassidy is an actor/musician/playwright and no stranger to life as a starving artist. He hails from Arizona and chats with us about his rough transition to winters and shorter days as well as survival jobs, reaching out to heroes, and adapting a novel as his first play. He shares his failures and successes as an actor and playwright and what he’s learned along the way.


Nat Cassidy is a musician, actor, and playwright whose found a groove for himself. He walks us through creating his own opportunities through playwrighting, benefiting from the generosity of strangers, and the worst first apartment story so far on Actor Hack Podcast.

22: The (Nat)ural Highs & Lows
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Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:
University of Arizona
Kaplan University
New York City Opera
Shakespeare and Co.
Arizona Theater Company
Stephen King
The Collector by John Fowles
Theater Row
Manhattan Theater Source is now closed.
The Reckoning of Kit and Little Boots
The Gallery Players
NYIT Awards
United Stages
Indie Theater Now
Any Day Now
Playwrights Direct
Samuel French
New Line Cinema
Warner Brothers
The Knitting Factory
The Lark
The Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference
99% Invisible

And thanks to Sweet Soubrette.


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