15: Ah-ha! Moments with (Lyssa)

Lyssa knows many worlds and shares it all! We chat Maggie Flanagan Studios, the publishing world, social media, server skills, open mic nights, the magic of asking, and self producing her comedic and vulnerable hit live talk show “The Bitch Seat.”


Lyssa is a badass stand up comic and actress who talks about creating and growing her show The Bitch Seat and how to get started in stand-up.

Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:
Lyssa Mandel
Northwestern University
Maggie Flanigan
Columbia Publishing Course
Labyrinth Theater Company
Mason Gross School at Rutgers University
Heidi Griffiths at The Public Theater
The Pit
The Magnet Theater
The Annoyance
Time Out New York
The Village Voice
Awkward Sex and the City
Brunch Night
America’s Got Talent
Union Hall
Meltdown Comics
Cake Batter
The Broadway Comedy Club
IO West
Lloyd Williamson
The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin


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