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March 2016

14: Let’s Face It (Shannon)

Singer/Actress Shannon chats with us about moving to New York and falling into the unhealthy lifestyle survival jobs can lead to. She also opens up about what it’s like to pursue a career very focused on appearance while having to undergo three major face changing jaw surgeries.

Shannon reveals her long and bumpy road to now. She had a rough move to the city after grad school, and moved home to undergo major surgeries that altered her face and her outlook.

Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:
University of Miami
Miami of Ohio
Bob Cline

Thanks to Sweet Soubrette for the tunes!


13: The Business of Show (Ryan R)

With Publicist and Producer, Ryan R, we go behind the scenes of a Tony Campaign and what it is to sell a show. He talks us through being a musical theatre major to finding stability in a press office, to finding footing as a budding producer.

Ryan blows our mind with the details of publicity for Broadway shows. He also manages to produce his own projects.

Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:
Sweet Charity
Neil Simon
Emerson College
Carnegie Mellon
Entertainment Weekly
The View
Kinky Boots
Tony Awards
Honeymoon in Vegas
Merrilee Mannerly
DR2 Theater
Broadway Dreams Foundation
(Hartford Children’s Theater has since closed.)

12: Identity Crisis (Ali)

Actress Ali walks us through bouncing from nonequity open calls to the events world, grad school, teaching, and now the world of psychology. She opens up about grappling with her ingrained identity of “actress,” being a reader, and knowing what is and isn’t healthy about the pursuit of art.

Belly laughs galore as we talk with Ali about realigning yourself and your dreams with the reality of life. She takes us on a quite an adventure and shares what she’s learned.

Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:
University of Michigan
Telsey + Co
Millbrook Playhouse
Columbia University
Barrow Group
One on One
HB Studio
The Memory Palace
The Artist’s Way

And you know we love the sounds of Sweet Soubrette.

11: If At First You Don’t Succeed (Ryan)

We chat with army brat turned actor, Ryan, who proves time and again that being second choice ain’t bad. URTAs, The Flea, Cheap Tickets for Fancy Shows, and Grad Schools are just some of the in depth topics we dabble in during our sit down.


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