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February 2016

10: Journey of a Web Series with Emelia and Ben

We were jazzed to sit down with actors, writers, and directors Emelia and Ben. This creative couple walks us through every stage of developing their web series Other People’s Kids ( From solidifying the idea on a kayak, to hiring crew, production, post, and what the future hopefully brings.

Emelia and Ben are brilliant couple who make a web series we love called Other People’s Kids. They talk about the technicalities of producing the first episodes and what they’ve learned along the way.

These are some resources referenced in the episode:
Other People’s Kids –
The New School
Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University
Olivia Kimmel
Gabe Stanley
actors access
Final Cut Pro
Sweet Soubrette


9: Photography, Positivity, and (David)

David is a working actor, successful headshot photographer, and backstage music video director who proves you can do it all! We chat about agents, equity, and more! From being a film major to singing and dancing with the best of them, David opens up about a past business endeavor The Actor’s Hub, an incredible resource for NYC actors, if only NYC real estate wasn’t the pits.

We talk to David, an actor and photographer who has worked all over the country and found a passion for headshots. He’s got some knowledge to share about classes, equity, and passions outside the theater.

Here are some resources referenced in the episode:
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Landmark Worldwide
Courtney Reed
Billy Bustamante
Next Step Audition Workshop
CGF Talent
Goodspeed Musicals
Jenna Fischer article

Also, hugs to Sweet Soubrette for sharing the music with us.

8: Submissions, Self Producing, & (Sarah)

From balancing an internship with a night job to planning Tony parties featured in Vogue, we sit down to hear Sarah’s journey. We also chat about bad interviews, the Fringe, asking for what you want, and doing it while you’re young.

We chat with our dear friend Sarah who works in public relations for Broadway. We discuss playwrighting, fringe festivals, and the necessity of internships.

Here are some resources referenced in the episode:
O&M co.
New York Foundation for the Arts
Sutton Foster
American Airlines Theater
Steel Burkhardt
TONY Awards
Fringe NYC
Chicago Fringe
New Orleans Fringe

7: Monologues, Musicals, and Moving On (Alex)

We sit with Alex and explore assertiveness versus aggression in show business, how aspirations can change, and reaching a point in life where you finally feel you have something to say. We also chat with him about moving to New York as a Musical Theatre hopeful and his impending exit.

Alex shares some important lessons he’s learned along the way and a few things he still needs to work on. A fresh and unconventional story of an artist feeling out of place among artists.

Here are some resources reference in the podcast:
Gallery Players
Stage Left Studios
Dixon Place
The Kitchen
Underground Lounge is now The West End Lounge
Audition by Michael Shurtleff
Underfoot in Show Business by Helene Hanff
How to Sell Yourself as an Actor by K Callan
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

6: Is Grad School a Scam? And Finding the Funny (Kerry)

Caralie and Daniel chat with Kerry about the real worth of Grad School for artists and what the system could be like to truly benefit them. They also chat about life as an actor mom and how coming into your own can be what gets you the job.

Kerry spouts some truth about grad school. We fall in love all over again with this bad-ass actress whose slow burn is coming to fruition.

Some resources mentioned in the episode:
Fordham University
The Actors Studio
Lilith Fair
Cry Havoc
Laura Rosenthal
Michal Zecher
The Nerdist

Shout out to Sweet Soubrette for the tunes.

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