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January 2016

5: Classy Connections & Unaired Opportunities (Trey P2)

In Part 2 of our Trey talk, we explore the right way to pursue and maintain industry connections. Trey also talks us through getting his first pilot audition, booking it, shooting it, for the series to ultimately never air. He opens up about the disappointments in his journey as well as the priceless experiences he gained.

We continue our conversation with Trey about the ups and downs of TV. He truly schools us on film acting and auditions while making some great reading recommendations.

Here are some of the resources mentioned in the episode:

Marcia DeBonis
Allison Shomer
Jennifer Euston
Jessica Daniels
Todd Solondz
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
Jack Plotnick

And as always we want to give a shout out to Sweet Soubrette for the tunes.


4: Performing Arts High & Paying Dues (Trey P1)

For the first half of our sit down with actor, Trey, we talk about what life was like as a Performing Arts High School kid, what the real world had to offer afterwards, and what it means to pay your dues.

We just had too much to cover with Trey, so we’ve split the conversation into two episodes. This first part talks about his education and first moving to the city. He’s worked and worked and worked. See how he got there.

These are some resources mentioned in the podcast:

Coastal Carolina University –
Unified Professional Theater Auditions –
Maine State Music Theater –
Florida Reperatory Theater –
Steps –
Paul Fouquet
Maggie Reed
Actors Access –
Mandy –
Networks Presentations –
Pearl Studios –
Joan Marcus –

3: Indie Producing and Directing (Molly)

Caralie and Daniel sit down with indie producer and director, Molly. Topics range from the details of Equity Showcase Code to various tasks of self-producing, as well as the avoidance of burning bridges.

We are just loving sitting down with such a diverse selection of artists. We can’t wait  for you to hear all the wisdom from our guests. This week we chat with Molly, indie producer and director and general fountain of information.

These are the resources we reference in the episode:
Under the Radar Festival –
Poetic Theatre Productions –
HERE Arts Center –
Brain Melt Consortium –
Tongue in Cheek Theater –
Producing and the Theater Business: American Theater Wing
Casting By – HBO Documentary

We also are due to give an amazing shout out to Sweet Soubrette, whose music you hear peppered throughout the podcast. Her work is beautiful and we enjoy sharing sound waves with another local artist. Check it out.
“All That Glitters” by Sweet Soubrette
(c) 2011 Sweet Soubrette Songs (ASCAP)
Used by Permission, all rights reserved
Download it here.

The photo used in our artwork is also done by a local artist. Jimmey LeBlanc is a fine art photographer, but also does headshots and event photography.

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