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The Business of Being an Artist


December 2015

2: Marketing and Moving (Brenden)

Caralie and Daniel chat with Brenden, Marketing and Creative Director of Group Sales at Internships, shared living quarters, and practices of a well rounded human being are discussed, as well as the ever-important library card.

Listen to our conversation with Brenden, who works in marketing for group sales at He gives us insight into selling Broadway to the choir teachers of the world as well as how to stay grounded outside of work.

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Here are a few resources referenced in the episode:
Lincoln Center –
O’Neill Center –
New York Public Library –
Overdrive app.
New York Musical Theater Festival –


1: Meet Your New Friends & Mentors

Celebrate the slings and arrows of pursuing an artistic life in NYC with Actor Hack Podcast. Join your new friends and mentors Caralie and Daniel for fun conversation with pros & amateurs alike as they break down barriers, demystify the theatrical industry, and more!


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We will be sitting down with professional and amateur artists to discuss the ins and out of moving to, living in, and creating art in NYC. Subscribe to us and hear a new conversation each week. We have published our introductory episode where Caralie and Daniel discuss their own journeys to New York and the early days of figuring it all out.

These are the resources we reference in the episode:

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